The Big Hill

Video by MJ Klein

There is sort of a big hill nearby, and if I want to go do downtown Hukou, I have to go down this hill, and later back up.  I mounted my Panasonic GS-500 video camera on Artifice Gordon and shot some video.  Here it is:

The Big Hill from MJ Klein on Vimeo.

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  2. MJ, the video is only loading when you click onto the comment link. I waited and refreshed many times and then went to comment and tell you the problem I was having and the video was working on this page.

    Don’t know if this is just me or others as well.

    Free wheeling down hills is great fun but going back up sucks. We would hit 100klms an hour on one down hill section on a ride through Springbrook Mountain. A real buzz. The problem was the 30 odd kilometre ride to get to the top.

    You need a hook MJ to snag one of those scooters whizzing past you.
    .-= Brunty´s last blog ..City Bowl Ten Pin Bowling Centre Ubon Ratchathani =-.

    1. Brunty, Vimeo is known for great quality videos, but unfortunately they are also known for slow-loading too. i’m not one of their premium members so my videos are not on server priority. it loads slow for me too and it was just a coincidence that it happened to load as you were going to the comments field.

      100 KPH going downhill on a bike? wow, talk about a rush! was it worth the 30 KM ride to the top? that would be a trying experience for me on the trike! maybe i should look into one of those electric assist systems?

  3. MJ, it is so scary. You don’t have time to check your spedometre but when you finish your ride and check the stats it can really surprise you.

    On long flat rides in a large group I never in my life thought for a 100klm ride I could average 36klm per hour and couldn’t by myself, but in a group you get towed as you know. You take turns leading and doing the work.

    The buzz of a group of 30 people sitting shoulder width apart doing 40klms an hour is a buzz on a bike. You have to on the ball.

    The 30 klm climb up Springbrook on the Gold Coast is a tuff climb, it is used by cycling Australia’s Institute of Sport. The first time I was lead there I didn’t make the climb, I bonked and died. We had already ridden for a few hours and the climb killed me as I was a big guy.

    On the flat and small climbs no worries but long continuing climbs killed me and made me dig deep, really deep.

    I see, one time I had left it for a good 10 minutes I say as I had gone out of teh room and showered and thought it was a loading problem.

    Thanks for replying my friend
    .-= Brunty´s last blog ..Wai Khru Day Isaan Thailand 2009 =-.

    1. wow Brunty, i must say you were a lot more hard core than i ever was on a bike! recently i’ve been considering taking on a couple of our mountains and that will require me to dig very deep, as you put it so well. i cannot imagine going 100 KPH and then when you add the other riders into the mix – wow, yeah i guess the right word for that is “buzz!” that Springbrook climb sounds like a real killer! when i finally do get around to tackling one of these mountains i’ll have to give you the GPS altitude profile too. some of our hills not too far from here are pretty steep. thanks!

  4. Being brushed by the scooters and cars is bad enough, I’m sure, but I’d be even more concerned about what your lungs are taking in while pedaling up that hill. Your face must be close to tailpipe-level!

    1. Kaminoge, i know what you mean, but it’s not as bad as it might seem. car emissions seem to dissipate quickly. i make a point of not stopping directly behind any vehicle as long as i can help it. thanks.

  5. Thanks for pictures of your head rest modification. It looks about like I thought was needed, but much better executed and adjustable than what I would have come up with. After about 500 miles, it seems that I don’t really need a head rest, as the top of the seat back hits my neck at about the right place for support.

    I envy your location near TW, allowing direct contact and assistance from the real experts. It would also be nice to be able to express my appreciation directly to Walter, for a design that seems perfect for my needs.

    Your web site is also of top quality! Of course, I am somewhat influenced by my interest in the subject.

    1. hi Fred, and welcome to our blog. my neck always seems out of whack so i need a particular neck rest and the replacement bracket works good for me. glad the seat back is working for you. i’ll pass on your comments to Walter and i’m sure he’ll appreciate hearing them as well. thanks for the compliments on our site. we love doing things, taking photos and then writing about them, so that’s just what we do! take care, Fred.

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