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Photo by MJ Klein

Exercise Photos

I took this photo nearly 2 years ago.  I was a lot bigger at that time than I am now.  My current daily exercise routine is:

  • 15 minute set on the exercise bike
  • 3, 10 rep rounds of chest presses (on Total Gym 9000)
  • 3, 10 rep rounds of flys.
  • 15 minute set on the exercise bike
  • 3, 10 rep rounds of bicep curls
  • 3, 10 rep rounds of tricep curls
  • 15 minute set on the exercise bike
  • 3, 10 rep sets of pullovers with ab crunch

I’m doing 45 minutes of cardio on the bike, in 3 sets of 15 minutes each.  In between sets on the bike, I’m doing strength training on the Total Gym 9000.  The exercise routine has made an incredible difference in how I feel.  Not only has it helped to stabilize my heart rate issue, the amount of energy I have has significantly increased.  I have that daily “just barely sore” feeling from working out.  I used to have this feeling back when I was a young man and worked out in the gym regularly, and it’s good to be back in that condition.  I am also riding my Giant mountain bike, and recumbent tricycle on weekends and some weekdays.  When I look at myself in the mirror, it seems to me that my protruding paunch is about 1/2 the size of what it used to be.  People who haven’t seen me in awhile all comment that I look thinner.  This is all positive and indicates that I am moving in the right direction.  I’ll update again in a few months.

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    1. hey, owshawng, tightening up the belt is great! a few weeks ago i had to take one of my knives and poke some new holes in my belt. that feels great! thanks for the encouragement and you keep going on that belt too!

  1. Good to hear you’re getting healthier. I’d consider dropping the bicep curls and replacing them with something that works the bigger muscles – squats, lunges, plank, pushups etc. Bicep curls don’t really do much.

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    1. thanks Craig. yeah you’re right. the biceps don’t do much for anything except, well, the biceps! i need that because my arm muscles are very long and they don’t “pop out” if you know what i mean. if i don’t do the bicep curls my arms look skinny. i find that riding the bike is pretty much all i need for a good lower body workout. my lower body has always been well developed from my childhood bike riding (which was extensive). i do the chest stuff first and then work around and down to the biceps. those pullovers that i do are pretty good for the chest and abs, plus they sure do get the blood pumping. i almost forgot, i do a lat pulldown too. i like that exercise a lot. thanks Craig.

  2. Way to go, MJ! Sounds like a great workout routine. I’m glad you staying healthy and keeping fit. There’s nothing better than a great workout routine to have you looking and feeling your best.

    1. Carrie, all in all it’s about 1:15 per day. i’m about to up the bike part to one hour per day. you’re right – it makes you feel fit and healthy and that’s a good thing. the energy boost is incredible, as you well know from your own workouts. i do find that i have to work harder for the same gains i would have say, 20 years ago, lol. but it’s worth it. thanks Carrie.

    1. thanks Brunty. you helped inspire me because it’s good to know that i’m not the only one who needs to exercise. anytime i feel like slacking off i think about that. thanks.

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