Home Cooked Taiwanese Food, Revisited

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Photos by MJ Klein

Dear Readers, it’s been some time since we featured some home cooked food, so with our apoligizes, here comes this article!

Home Cooked Taiwanese Food

One of my favorite all-time dishes, this is the famous mapo tofu cooked to perfection by Hui-chen.

Home Cooked Taiwanese Food

I love the colors in this dish!  You’re looking at fried eggplant with a wonderful cold sesame sauce, of the type normally found on the southeast Asian dish called cold noodles.  The sauce contains:

  1. sesame sauce (store bought basic sauce to begin with)
  2. soy sauce
  3. sugar
  4. small amount of sesame oil
  5. water

Home Cooked Taiwanese Food

This last dish is pan fried chicken, egg and okra.  This dish was literally fantastic!

Now, the recap photos:

Home Cooked Taiwanese Food

Home Cooked Taiwanese Food

Home Cooked Taiwanese Food

I don’t know about you, but I’m hungry again!

Thanks for reading!

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    1. Sandy » i’ll tell you a secret about me: one of my hobbies it to try mapo tofu whenever i travel. i’ve had it in many countries but i must tell you that Taiwan has the best i’ve ever tasted. i’m lucky to have Hui-chen for so many different reasons! thanks.

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