Weekend Shows

Photos by Michael Turton

UPDATE: We’ve put a video clip up on Flickr. This is the first of many that we will be posting there or other places as appropriate. Here is the video:

We have been busy! Give me a few days to edit and render the video footage, post it to the appropriate host, sift through the hundreds of photographs and video stills, and I’ll tell you the story. Until then, let me leave you with these photos taken at Taoyuan Stadium:

Taoyuan Stadium

This is me before the show, doing a quick sound check. I’m using the new Burns Brian May guitar and Vox amp. Btw, I got a haircut because I am sick of my long hair, lol.

Taoyuan Stadium

I like this shot a lot because it also shows the Vox. I’m doing a melodic solo on a slow song.

Taoyuan Stadium

This shot taken from behind the amp line shows the crowd. I like this shot for 2 reasons: 1, it shows the top of the Vox amp, and 2, Hui-chen is also visible at the left, shooting video.

This was a fun gig, as well as the one in Taipei the day before. I’ll have the story for you shortly!

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  1. Mark Forman »

    thanks! i just got so tired of having to mess with my hair. back when it was really long it was less trouble but it seemed to be in the intermediate stage for too long. plus, honestly it’s getting thinner and the last thing that i am is an old guy trying to look young. hey i’m 52 and i had a good run, keeping more than most men my age, hehe. so now is the time to phase back into shorter hair. at first HC didn’t know what to think but she likes it.

    i wish you could have heard that guitar! they had me really cranked in the monitors and the control was great. next time, hopefully! i’m gonna take it down to Taichung next time i’m at MT’s.

    1. Carrie » hey thanks. i got tired of my hair, lol. now, all i have to do is lose about 30 KG and i might even look the part! we’ll see you next time!

    1. cfimages » Craig, Michael Turton came by and took the photos. i think he did a great job! i’ll be looking forward to your comments when i get everything written.

  2. Keep on rocking brother!

    It’s good to see you out there kickin arse with axe in hand.

    I will be back in Taipei in a week or two and hope we can get to planning the next get-together.

    Take care.

  3. cool man……thog’ I saw Kenny Rogers ! Nice to see that you are back to your usual self. Cheers and good health !

    1. Colby » man i could have used your help, bigtime! it was a fun gig, and it feels good to have the new guitar. my left hand seems back to normal, finally.

  4. Hi,

    I am helping out with the May Jam in Tainan this year, and if you can get me a few pics, MP3’s and stuff we can try to have you guys play on Saturday or Sunday there. EMail me and we can talk more.

    John’s last blog post..Changes at the Real Taiwan

  5. It really does have that Brian May sound. Very distinct guitar tone. You should put some more video or sound clips of that guitar, with you playing it obviously.
    Is that a special edition Vox you’re using or are their any other components to that sound?
    I’d love to know

    1. Andrew » i’m using a VOX AD30VT-XL series amplifier: http://www.voxamps.co.uk/valvetronixxl/ad30vt-xl.asp

      the XL versions are higher gain. Brian uses a treble booster which adds a gain stage. The XL version amplifiers already have higher gain so no outboard processor is needed. the sound that you hear in those videos is 100% guitar/amp with no effect pedals or outboard processors in the audio chain. i used the “Modern” channel with treble, middle, volume and master volume maxed, with bass at minimum. there is a power output control on the back of the amp that i use for the master volume. the amp sounds a lot better with the master volume maxed out and the power control on the rear allows you to achieve this. the amp is a very loud 30 watts and i had no trouble playing Taoyuan Stadium with it earlier this year.

      for the record i wasn’t trying to actually copy Brian May’s sound but my normal guitar sound that i’ve had for years on my recordings is similar to a combination of Boston and Queen so it wasn’t all that far off from the Brian May sound to begin with. i wanted one of these guitars because i wanted to expand my sound capability with the extraordinary tonal capability due to the BM pickup switching arrangement. this guitar gives the player more sounds than you can imagine, with individual on/off pickup selection in addition to phase switching.

      Fong band is recording a new album and i’m also working on new songs as a solo act, so there will definitely be some new sound clips and videos in the future.

      thanks for your kind comments Andrew. if you have any other questions about the guitar/amp, just ask.

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