Taiwanese Meat Pies

Food Photos by MJ Klein. Food by Hui-chen’s mother!

Oh my. I was introduced to yet another heretofore unexplored family tradition, and one based on cooking. Hui-chen’s mother has yet another original recipe up her sleeve that I didn’t know about, and I got to check it out up close and personal.

Taiwanese Style Meat Pies
It starts out with this meat mix, which is similar to dumplings.

Taiwanese Style Meat Pies
And this ingredient, which is a mix of tofu, togun (dried tofu), green bean noodles, garlic greens and those tiny shrimp. This is what makes this recipe different. Normal dumplings would be comprised of one or the other, but normally not both.

Taiwanese Style Meat Pies
The skins are hand made and hand rolled. Then the stuffing is spooned onto a skin like this: first the meat, and then the tofu and greens mixture. Unless you check out the large sized photo you cannot tell that there is meat under the greens, but there is.

Taiwanese Style Meat Pies
Once the skin is folded over and pressed, the edge is cut. Notice how she is using a bowl to cut off the excess. It makes a nice clean edge and you can’t accidentally cut yourself doing it. Smart.

Taiwanese Style Meat Pies
When ready to cook they should look like this. Hui-chen fried them in a pan:

Taiwanese Style Meat Pies
Now all that’s left is to eat them!

Taiwanese Style Meat Pies
With some peanuts on the side and some soup, this was an incredible meal.

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  1. That looks so good. After reading your wife’s and in-laws cooking posts I’m starting to hope my mother-in-law comes for a long visit so I can learn some of her recipes.

    owshawng’s last blog post..NYC Koreatown to Go

    1. owshawng » i just hope that the CMIL actually decides to teach you the recipes instead of coming up with some “reason” why you shouldn’t be eating such food!

  2. That is what I want to spend my old fart years doing–cooking stuff and eating it with my family. Can there be a better way to ease into old age…?

    Uh, not that I’m implying anything there, pardner. You guys are barely middle aged to my eyes.

    I’ve spent the last few years learning how to cook Mexican, Italian, and classic American foods. I’m saving Taiwanese and Chinese food for a less busy time, because I don’t have the room for error there that I do when I’m cooking Western stuff (i.e. the wife’s palate is far more discriminating when it comes to local fare).

    Wonderful entries on the food, MJ. We’ll have to do some cooking together one of these days. I make a mean apple pie (and I’m getting a giant convection oven when we move to our new house!).

    Truett Black’s last blog post..Two Chinas

  3. Truett Black » that does sound like a nice way to go out, lol. i’m not quite ready for that just yet though! i’m up for cooking most any weekend. i may drag out the Dutch oven on Saturday as Andres is coming to Hukou in the evening. maybe you can join us sometime. thanks.

  4. Oh my lord. I’m salivating. Those look so good! They kind of remind me of empanadas. While I was in Argentina, one of my friends made a mixture that looks similar. Tasty treats indeed!

    Carrie’s last blog post..33 Years Young

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