Bushman’s Picks, January 13, 2008

I wasn’t sure how well received my Bushman’s Picks would be, but the response on the comments sections, and amount of emails I’ve received convinced me that I should continue the practice, so here it comes for this week!

  • Personal friend, and Famous Taiwan Blogger, Michael Turton reported that the book Formosa Betrayed is now in production as a motion picture. Formosa Betrayed is a massive book of extreme importance and I for one, cannot wait to see the movie. I can’t even image what it’s going to be like. Check out Michael’s site for more relevant links.
  • My friend Andres just got back from China recently. Naturally he’s been busy posting photos of his adorable newborn daughter, Olivia. This is what Real Men do…. Andres, I know I speak for everyone when I say that we are all enjoying the photos of Olivia too.
  • My only Australian friend in Thailand, Brunty, has been quite busy this past week and hasn’t blogged too much. But he did manage to avoid getting his white ass shot in an altercation that happened near to where he was sitting with his pal Keith, while they were innocently watching footie on the tele. Thai punks are on a rampage these days, seems like.
  • One of my Australian friends in Taiwan has an article this week about a very important case for indigenous people in Taiwan, with ramifications for others around the world. David Reid, wrote a paper on the case, which is available for download as a PDF. I suggest that everyone read the paper for an accurate understanding of the case. I also asked David if he wouldn’t mind guiding a small group to the village of Smangus (where the incident occured) and he is definitely up for that! I hope to be announcing a guider tour in the near future.
  • Patrick Cowsill has an article this week that talks about (among other things) the treatment of Taiwan Democracy Hall recently. It’s been “decorated” and…. well…. um, you should just read the article and see for yourself.
  • A-gu has so many excellent articles this week that it’s hard to pick one. But I did pick one. I’m going to be adding my own photos of stray dogs as this is a very sore point with me in our neighborhood!
  • Mirror, Friends, and Poliice StationMy favorite bei-sze of Daily Bubble Tea this week is Todd’s photoessay on Checheng, Nantou County, where he gets to hang out with 3 hot women. What a life huh? I love photoessays like this! Plenty of great Nikon photography, including this shot. Thanks for asking if I’d like to go Todd! hehe!
  • Carrie kindly posted a photo of an elephant fish that she and John enjoyed in Vietnam along the Mekong River. This was in response to something I said previously on this blog. Read her article to see what we’re talking about.
  • For those of you who use Adsense on your blog, Darren thinks they’ve done some stupid things you should know about, especially if you live outside of North America.
  • The coolest thing this week on My Digital Life (to me), is this announcement about Bill Gate’s last full day at Microsoft.
  • Would you like to know the 10 Secret Habits of Top Successful Bloggers? Well, there you go.
  • This week in the world of WordPress, there has been discussion about uninstalling plugins. It’s worth a read. Someone has made an attempt at addressing the issue.
  • Islaformosa reports on supply problems for the new eee PC. I think I want one of those!
  • Our friend Ashish is back from Australia with another great photoessay about a hike on Fei Feng Mountain. Take a look at this shot:

  • Ashish, maybe you should do an article entitled “How To Take Fantastic Photographs With A Cheap Point And Shoot Camera.” Who needs a Nikon D80?
  • In between firing rounds of food photo articles in a revengeful effort to make me hungry right before bedtime, owshawng writes about a very funny experience he had in Sydney. I don’t want to give it away, so read it for yourself. Expats in Taiwan will love this one too.
  • Fili brings us tales of foreigner dating in Taiwan. I guess that Taiwanese girls don’t get it: Cheaters are all bad. What’s the use of a website to point out only foreigners who cheat? Virtually all of the descriptions (except personal physical details) would apply to many men I have encountered. Volumes have been written about cheating Asian husbands and boyfriends too, girls. Just because your dreamboat is white, it doesn’t make him any worse than any other cheater. By the way, the “tactics” used to “trick” those girls are laughable. This is more about being naive than anything else. Great stuff!
  • Talk about dating – this week, Sex and Shanghai (recommended for adults only) has a new article in the series China Dirt. This article talks about the issues Western ex-pat women face in China. Basically, Western females have the same toolkit to work with that males do. I did not know that. In fact, I didn’t think think about it before.
  • Paogao entered Painworld via a guy called “Blue.” Don’t ask, just read it.

Flickr Groups I Manage

A shameless plug for Food Photos From Asia, and Women of Taiwan. Both groups had significant contributions this week. I’m not sure which is hotter, the food or the women! You decide!

See you next week!

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    1. Carrie » haha Carrie, i appreciate all food! that looked good to my eye! us travelers enjoy new things of course. that photo that Todd took really cracks me up. but if you really want a good laugh, check out the photos of me that he has on flickr.com and the captions that people are coming up with for them, lol!

  1. MJ. First of all Thanks a ton for mentioning about my post and posting photo. Sometimes my camera does this little magic and I can capture some decent pictures. But it won’t be too long till I replace it with a decent camera and nice lenses. BTW We do need Nikon D80 to capture beautiful Green Island Photos on your blog and Pictures taken by Craig when Bushman Jams
    About your picks, I especially enjoyed Bill Gate’s last full day video. Its really well done with so many famous people chipping in and he seems to be very down to earth guy. I felt sorry for paogao but at the same time I found his post was quite hilarious. Also count me in for your guided tour of Smangus village. The case looks quite tragic and I felt a lot of sympathy towards Smangus people. David has done an incredible job covering the whole case.
    Last but not the least I am absolutely enjoying your weekly picks articles. They are the best of Taiwan blogosphere and other interesting things. I’m already feeling proud to be on picks for this week. Thanks again.

    Ashish’s last blog post..Hiking on Fei Feng Mountain

  2. I do have to say that the “Sex and Shanghai” blog kept me reading for hours. He’s quite the provocateur.

  3. I’m a bit late to this post! Just wanted to add that I also love the Picks posts. Several Taiwan bloggers are doing roundups and some are sharing items via Google Reader. I’ve discovered a lot of new blogs and posts I probably wouildn’t have stumbled on otherwise. I know blogging can be pretty time-consuming so thanks and keep up the good work.

    naruwan’s last blog post..One for the anti-Ma club

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