Grill Party at Shao-hui’s

Yesterday, in desperation, I posted a quick announcement about a grill party at Shaohui’s that she decided to put on at the last moment. I sent out an email to several friends whom I know would be interested. Fortunately a few of them could make it!

I don’t know this Vietnamese gentleman’s name, but he sure is a nice guy. He works for Shaohui and here is is using a torch to start the charcoal fire. We take it for granted but nearly all of the charcoal in Taiwan and most Asian countries is lump charcoal from real wood.


Now this is what all the fuss is about: Shaohui’s Thai style marinade. She is going to write down the recipe for us!

This shot is nothing more than me playing around with my Nikon D80 so I can capture some spark trails.

Hui-chen enjoys handling the grill.

With the fatty chicken and pork meat, the grill has a tendency to flare up!

Undaunted, Hui-chen diligently prepares the initial batch of food for our guests who are about to arrive.

And finally, they do! Above is the famous Taiwan blogger Andres. Below that’s cousin Becky on the left and Andres’ wife Karen to the right. We are so glad that you guys could make it on such short notice! This is Andres’ version of the story on his blog.

Please note: These people are not green! I shot everything in ambient light for the effect of being there! The outdoor lighting at Shaohui’s really is green!

Oh yeah! Shaohui’s Thai style food too!

Becky helps Hui-chen with one of the flareups. Hui-chen is squirting water on the charcoal to cool it down.

Good thing Hui-chen was on the job!

Andres contemplates the bottle of Sang Son Royal Thai rum we just killed. Later, I took he, Karen and Becky around to the various Thai places in the area. Currently there are 7 Thai establishments within 2 blocks.

Good friends, good times.

I couldn’t resist this last shot. These are 2 freshly killed pigeons on the grill, with heads on. By this time though we were stuffed!

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  1. hui-chen and mike, thank you guys for a wonderful time and the great hospitality. we’ll be back real soon. hopefully next time i’ll do more to help kill that (or more)bottle of sang son. but then, i might end up actually singing karaoke. now, we don’t want that!

  2. Andres, it was great having your family over for a visit. i just hope that the grill food was worth the effort! Hui-chen and i look forward to the next time we can all get together. take care you guys!

  3. Hey MJ. A great bunch of freinds you have by teh look of it and enjoying life well I see.

    I love pidgeon and we used to shoot many pidgeons back on the farm (very illegal and big fines but there were so many of them.

    My favourite were Top Notches and Bronzies that were a $500 a toppy and 1,000 a bronnzy per bird. We never got caught and I also used to sell them to the chinese restaraunt and also rabbits to make extra cash when I was a young fella.

    When I was a young guy and my mates were off at parties I used to go camping and shooting by myself or with other mates catching rabbits, foxes and even kangaroos and to sell to the local Knackery to make dogfood.

    I had more money saved up from doing this as a young guy than my mates could even think about.

    Young kids now don’t know what they are missing.

    Anyway, thanks for the great post again.

  4. Brunty, yes we do have some great friends. you are welcome to visit Taiwan and join us anytime!

    Brunty, you’ve had an interesting life! sounds to me like you were the resonsible one in your peer group.

    you are going to have to explain what a “Top Notch” and a “Bronzie” are though!

    hey you got to admire a man who enjoys camping on his own! and yes i agree that the younger people do not know what they are missing. the wilderness is a fantastic place to be (if you know what you are doing).

    thanks for reading, and for your comments Brunty.

  5. Hey MJ. Tghe “toppy” and Brozie are just different type of pidgeons or breeds. The chinese shop I used to supply liked bronzies as they were a little larger and they did taste really good.

    A toppy have a distinct point on teh top of their head that looks like a mountain peak and when they fly off they make a distinct sound that makes them easy to hear and then spot. They spend most the time in trees or on powerlines.

    Brozies are of course bronze in colour and spend a lot of time on the ground looking for food and they to make a different noise when startled and are a lot harder to track than toppies.

    A country pidgeon is better than chicken or duck and that’s just my opinion.

  6. hey, thanks for the clear explaination Brunty! here in Taiwan, pidgeon keeping is a huge hobby, and they say that the Taiwan race is probably the toughest in the world. our neighbor keep them and their feathers are always flying over to our balcony and making a mess.

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