Monsters Across The Street

UPDATE: The tall building now has very ugly yellow curtains. What were they thinking?

Photos by MJ Klein

I really didn’t plan on blogging this morning as I am too busy. But when Hui-chen and I were rousted from our slumber by the sound of an explosion, I decided that enough is enough and I was going to expose the idiocy going on across the street from our home – now.

Our neighborhood is an industrial area. So, people have been investing in these apartment complexes built for foreign workers to occupy. There are no less than 3 of these monsters put up this year alone. Take a close look. There are 18 individual window air conditioners on this side of the building. That means when this building is full of tenants we will have to put up with the sound of all these air conditioners running all summer long. The back side of this building has 18 more apartments. This building is made of brick and very hastily put up. Some of our neighbors have complained that this building looks very scary because it’s so high and thin.

Now the guy next door to this monstrosity has decided to go up higher too. Recently a truck with a crane came down our street and delivered this steel extension which was quickly bolted onto the structure below.

Look closely and you will see a man’s legs. He is attaching sheet metal to the structure.

“Safety equipment? What’s that?”

We were awakened when one of these huge pieces of sheet metal fell to the street below. Thankfully no one was beneath it. We have lots of little kids running around playing on our street.

This is the cable TV lead-in wire to the new building. It swings in the breeze, totally unsupported along it’s length.

Without permission, they strung this wire right over our property. Since this wire is unsupported it will break soon. I know it will. Probably at night during a new moon.

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  1. That wire would be perfect for my new W5GI antenna I think. you know the address!

  2. the wire quality is crap Colby. Taiwan is a very high tech country, and yet people watch the worst cable TV signal i have ever personally seen. snowy video, unbalanced, distorted MONO audio, etc. cable TV is embarassing in Taiwan.

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