??? Dinner at South-North Restaurant

Photos by MJ Klein

Last night Hui-chen and I had dinner with her sister and her son, and her mother, at the famous South-North Restaurant in Kaohsiung.  We know you don’t want to read a lot, so let’s get to the photos!

Sliced radish cakes.  Pretty good.

Standard fried cabbage.  There was a slight burnt flavor which always makes this dish more tasty.  The wok must have been screaming hot!

Another standard in Taiwan, crispy shrimp and pineapple.

“Dong Po Ro”  which we have had many times in Taiwan.  This particular dish was a bit dry, but I ate it anyway!  The bamboo was a nice touch, and isn’t always included.

Pork soup with clams, bamboo and mushrooms.

A mild flavored whitefish with a crunchy covering.

I know the photos suck, but I was at the end of the table and I had to take the shots from a low angle!  Nevertheless you can see what we ate was excellent.

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