Drinking in Taoyuan

Last night Hui-Chen and I went to visit my old neighborhood in Taoyuan, where our friends Paul and Lee were going to meet us.

Paul says “did you bring your guitar with you?”

Hui-Chen quietly eats. “No comment.” lol

The boss of the noodle shop didn’t think I would snap this picture of him. Wrong! lol

Normally I like to photograph what we eat, but last night I could only get a shot of what remained. Good stuff, let me tell you. That’s fried tofu on the far right, and squid tentacles in the center.

The boss and Paul are joking with the boss’s wife about her mask, because the boss says he can’t kiss her while she is wearing it.

Paul is getting impatient and starts to play some air keyboards. Notice the bottle of Suntory that is about 3/4 done.

I show Paul my “British Guitar Player Face.”

Paul shows me his best air keyboards. More Suntory gone….

Finally, Lee shows up and we finish off that bottle of Suntory and buy one more. Now, Paul wants to sing so we walk down the street to the local Thai place, which happens to have a large selection of English songs in the karaoke machine.

The Big Man is belting out a song in Chinese. Paul has a great voice, actually.

Paul and the Thai boss lady pose for the camera.

Paul on the mic, singing a Chinese song.

Notice the cola bottle. We are polishing off the second bottle of Suntory and Paul is feeling no pain about now!

Now its my turn, as Lee watches on. Lee’s English is quite good so he always follows the lyrics on the English songs. He is a pretty good singer too, and good for a duet.

This unfortunate US Citizen walked in and Paul insisted that he sit at our table. Van is from Texas and a local teacher whom Paul has met on a number of occasions. He tolerated our drunken singing for about 15 minutes before excusing himself. Smart man!

After that we finished the second bottle and called it a night. Next time you should join us!

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